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Hi Queen, I’m Jenna

I am honored you are here & 

I am with you babe.

I know what it's like to be constantly "checking the boxes" yet quieting the voice that knows there is much more inner magic waiting to unfold.

 I had done the “right” things - received stellar academics, offers for THE jobs to get in my industry, yet through the hustle & bustle-I wasn’t sure why I felt lack on the inside.

I had a burning inner fire that dared me to answer:


Jenna, what do YOU want?

I wanted to deepen the relationship with myself & empower fellow queens to claim their grandest power.

I know your lifestyle is full queen, but I invite you schedule in something more daring-

take the time to step within.

I know all about financials, investing, (certified accountant, lol) but I can tell you this-

investing in myself & working through inner battles over the past years led to IMMEASURABLE return.


Because the only one who defines your limits is you. 

How I'm different:

I have a background in good ole accounting & that means I know practicality.

I know you need more than “meditate for 25 minutes in the morning & have your lemon water.” You need someone who is going to get to the roots of sabotage, grow your awareness, challenge you to state YOUR desires, & give you the applicable tools that work in your lifestyle.

& I am honored to support you in this journey.

client love

I am so excited, I was getting stuck because the affirmations I was going through before (a mix-match of things I found online) weren't really resonating with me. You really hit the head on the nail with the goals I chose, you are so good.

— Dhara P.

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