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About Me


My name is Jenna Thanopoulos. I go by Jenna, but my birth name is Polyxeni.

I recently realized how much the meaning of my name integrates with A&A's mission.


The roots of the word are Poly & Xeni

“Poly” meaning “very/many”, and “Xeni” meaning “foreign/different.”

I always felt most alive on stage, either in public speeches or theatre acts. However, growing up, this led to comments of my energy being “too much” for some or “too enthusiastic.” 

As typical for many, our subconscious then yearns to battle for conformity, 

“fitting in,” & dimming the light of our true essence. 


Through integrating affirmations & meditation, I have been able to realize where these subconscious hindrances lie & how they held me back from my authentic expression.


I love talking. I love expressing myself. 

I love being able to do it through affirmations that guide you to your own light. 


If you feel like you are different, see things differently: the world, yourself or society.

Good. Embrace this authenticity.

I hope that A&A’s resources & products bring you back to your voice & truth.

Embrace you. Embrace your inner “xeni." Because that is incredible.

YOU are incredible.

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