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3 Steps to Use Affirmations for Subconscious Mind Reprogramming

Affirmations are everywhere & gaining popularity in their benefits. It's easy to see "I release fear", "I am a Millionaire" & more. While those are great, there are specific ways to make your affirmations more effective for your Subconscious Mind Reprogramming.

The whole goal of affirmations is to repeat them, listen to them and have them rewire subconscious beliefs that were bringing "x" feelings or "x" results in your life - to then bring you a life of desired results & feelings. Our subconscious rules around 95% of your daily actions & is basically in the drivers seat of the Ferrari that is your life!

Soooo, when making your affirmations its important to craft them in ways that are best for the subconscious reprogramming process.

Here are three steps how:

  1. Focus on the underlying feeling.

For example, let's say you'd like to gain more self confidence. If you consistently are affirming "I release self-doubt, I release self-doubt" - your subconscious mind is really just absorbing the feeling of self doubt. So instead, you could say "I welcome more confidence." Making that little shift focuses on the higher feeling of confidence & that is what your subconscious mind will begin to register.

2. Stay in the Present Tense

Think about this, if you keep affirming "In 5 years, I will have x." Your subconscious mind does not know time. It only knows the present moment. Sooo, if you keep affirming something into the future, in 5 years time it still feel out of reach or not in your present reality. So claim it, babe & start in the present! "I am", "I have" "I appreciate".

3.Build Believability

So much of the time we see affirmations that say "I am a millionaire" "I have x,y,z" & while it is great to go bold, your subconscious needs to believe what you are telling it. So you can start a little smaller & work up from there! For example, you can say "I welcome in more financial abundance" "I appreciate all the money coming into my life." & so forth!

At the end of the day, you are doing amazing & so proud that you are taking the steps to use affirmations!

If this process seems like too much & you would rather lay back & have effective affirmations ready for you, you can purchase my personal subconscious toolkit.

I create a powerful affirmation track & printout that is best to reprogram your subconscious so you can achieve the goals & feelings you want in your life.

You got this babe.



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