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A Key Step to Increase Self Love

Self Love is not surface level. It allows you to go within your self & claim that aspect of you that is always there supporting you. & this is a key to doing so...

It's about developing the conversation within yourself. To deepen that self talk & to get to the crux of what YOU want, how YOU are feeling & how YOU can best show up for you.

For example...

The passerby "hey, how are you?"...

(The typical acknowledgement, way to pass time, etc)

It's really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to connecting with others.

& in the same light,

it's easy to stay in the typical, everyday connection with yourself,

thinking similar thoughts (self-convos), moving similar motions.

But when you break the surface a bit, you make way for inner awareness.

By deepening the convo to ask:

-Why do I usually feel this way in "x" situation?

-Am I saying what I actually feel or just speaking to agree?

-Am I fulfilled by the steps I am taking?

-What do I actually want right now?

...& not in an overthinking every move manner

but in taking a couple minutes a day for honesty, self responsibility & curiosity.

Your awareness brings opportunity to think new thoughts & take new actions to expand your inner joy.

So, how can you deepen this self-take and connection today?



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