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Themed Bundles

Welcome to our Themed Bundles!

I wanted to create powerful resources that help in

self-transformation in the key areas of self-love, prosperity, &

anxiety release.

Each bundle includes a downloadable PDF guide of affirmations,

an affirmations recording MP3 & a guided meditation MP3.

We also offer the Trifecta Bundle which includes all 3!

Listen to the affirmations/meditation in the morning,

print out the guides to post on your vision board & watch as your thoughts & ways of being transform in incredible ways. 

Happy Alignment!  

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How do I use the resources in the bundles?

The affirmation PDF- print out & post it to a wall/vision board/journal.

Affirmation MP3- listen in the first 20 minutes of your morning or before sleep daily.

Guided Meditation-perform as often as you feel called.

When will results typically start showing in my daily life?

Just as forming or breaking a habit, around the 3-week mark, our subconscious will start to form new neural pathways around the affirmations within each area.

Neuroscientists recommend 60 days as a full marker point. 

What can I expect as a result of each bundle?

The Stillness Bundle will help you know when you are leaning towards an anxious state & allow you to embrace the present to come to a greater peace.

The Self-Love Bundle will leave you with a deeper sense of appreciation for yourself & grow your ability to exude love, embody love & attract love.

The Prosperity Bundle will help you align with an abundance mindset, unlock the abundance within y0u & allow prosperity to flow to you with greater ease. 

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