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Personalized Bundles

For those interested in having tools geared toward their specific goals, I offer personalized tier packages.


For each tier, you will fill out a form with 1-3 goals that you would like to work toward. (self-love, confidence, etc)

I will personally create powerful affirmations for your intentions that are written in the most effective, present tense forms.

For Tier 3, I also create a personal guided meditation.

With daily repetition from just 3 weeks, these tools have the power to shift subconscious patterns & thought blockages.

Cheers to you being the BEST you!​



What do I receive upon purchase?

You will immediately receive an email with a form to fill out 1-3 self-growth goals so I can curate your affirmation/meditation set.

Within 4-7 days, your resources will be sent to you.

How do I best use the resources within the tier?

The affirmations PDF-print out and post to your wall, vision board, or journal so you can see repeatedly throughout the day.

The affirmation recording-play this within the first 20 minutes of your morning or right before sleep.

The meditation recording (tier 3)-perform whenever you feel called (once a week is recommended).

How long should I use the resources for?

Like forming or breaking a habit, 3 weeks is the prime time where our subconscious starts to form new neural pathways based on repetitive listening/sight/action.

What are my expected results? 

With daily use, you will have released thought blockages.

You will feel clearer, more aligned & in an expanded potential of yourself.

You will be conscious of when you are stepping into past self-limiting patterns,

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