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Become Your Dream Woman  

This 1:1 Life Coaching is for you if:

You're a Corporate Woman ready to live a life that’s fully YOURS.


You're ready to drop un-necessary stress, people-pleasing, limiting behaviors, achievement addictions, and more.

You were the "rock" of your family - you had to achieve or perform or a certain way because you were that “good” daughter - almost like the glue at times. 


You want to be the rock for YOURSELF and create career and relationships meaningful to YOU.

You're “getting through” the day but it feels like the aliveness and spark is missing. 

Your daily conversations seem routine, things are going “okay”, but something just isn’t fulfilling on the inside. 

& You're done w/ society's BS vision:

You realized the vision of "hustle to get a degree, get a stable job & you'll be set" isn't all its cut out to be. You want to create a meaningful, fulfilling, passionate life for yourself. 

You worked your a** off so far babe, why not put that effort into YOU?


Because the process of fulfilling that misled *ideal* vision might have led to...

-Resentment in relationships from not communicating your needs (especially in ethnic environments) 


-Trying to control outcomes in your life as a means of safety and security 


-Ignoring your body’s cues & needs even though that is crucial as woman


-Not understanding how to handle or work through your own emotions  


-Feeling like life and others are a burden on you - your job, others in your family/certain friends and its hard to fully stand as YOU in a freer, confident way 


-Having a LOT of external barriers in your life - time, resources, hard managers, and it seems hard to build sustainable momentum towards your goals

-Having a loud inner critic or over-thinker so that its hard to actually make decisions and get the things you want done 

-Feeling motivated at times but then its like taking one step forward and two steps back 

-Feeling like some part of you is angry for putting in all this “hard work” towards a vision that's not fulfilling and you’re not sure how to get rid of it


-Annoyed at feeling like you're person with the most ambition in your romantic relationships, making all the decisions or feeling like you were molding yourself to please your man 

1:1 Coaching Package

That’s why I’ve created a 1:1 Coaching Program that incorporates 15+ modalities from my coaching certification (Elementum Coaching Institute) to support you in becoming your dream woman!


The coaching package is offered in 3 month or 6 month options. 


You will receive: 

-Client & Coach Contract for you to sign prior to our first session

(it will include the times were meeting, what's expected for each session, payment, etc)

-1 HR Zoom Coaching Calls each week.


-TWO Supplemental Trackers we will use to track your progress internally AND externally. 

Inner Tracker Example: You’ll have a meter to check how your inner confidence, self worth, self love is feeling

Outer Tracker Example: You’ll have a tracker to see how your stress levels, work load, relationships are feeling


(This tracker allows us to ensure the tools, questions and methods we are working on in our coaching calls are creating the shifts you want to see in your life BOTH internally and externally. )


-A “takeaway sheet” at the end of each session - this will wrap up what to focus on for the next week, what to look out for, and resources such as personalized stress release meditations/mp3’s as needed; Jenna sends it to you in 24 hrs after your session. 


-Full Access to the client library which resources including stress-release tools, how to communication your needs in an effective way, emotional release exercises & SO much more.


-Personal Accountability: I will keep you accountable in whatever way works best for you - texting, trackers for your to fill out, calendar reminders - we personalize it to your schedule & needs.


-1:1 Text Messaging Monday - Friday:

Most of the time we don’t follow through on our goals because we are stuck, don’t have accountability OR our self-doubt sets in. This is why I offer text messaging access to my clients.


Maybe something happens in your workday that stresses you out and you want a tool or question to help you...

Maybe you have a big conversation with your friend and you want to test it out...

Maybe you need a boost because you’re feeling doubtful...


All in your pocket :) I always respond within 24 hours or less - as outlined in contract.

A Note:

Client Love:


I don’t even know where to from Jenna. Your passion for what you do is so beyond inspiring. I looked forwarded to our coaching sessions every week. I cannot possibly thank you enough for making me feel so beyond seen, heard, safe and comfortable every time we talked.....Being able to handle difficult situations gracefully makes me feel like a badass. This is the closest I have ever come to not letting my emotions dictate how I approach problems. This is a huge win because I have taken on a lot of opportunities this year that are so far outside of my comfort zone. 

— Margi P.


Do you suggest 3 months or 6 months for the package? 

How is Coaching Different From Therapy? 

I suggest the 6 month option as it allows for ample time & integration of our work.


I will still take you through the phases in our 3 month package - they will just be more abbreviated.


However, once the 3 months are done you will be invited to resign for another 3 if you desire! :)

This 1:1 life coaching will be a safe, non-judgemental space similar to therapy sessions. Coaching is intended to be a "container" that will allow you to journey from a point A to a point B - we will not just be talking about things but acutally processing old emotions, limiting stories, and old behaviors.

Coaching needs 100% effort on both the client and coach side.

You need to WANT to put in the work & I will be here to provide the space, tools, questions & accountability.

I am certified in study of a wide range of tools, teachings, and methods that incorporate nervous system work, mind-body connection, emotional release, working through guilt & shame, inner child work, & much more. 


A bit different than some therapy, however, is I will intentionally ask probing questions that will challenge your limiting stories.


We will work go through various mind-body techniques & actively work on calming your nervous system throughout each session. 


We will not just be talking the whole session but actually letting your mind & body process.

Are there refunds? 

No, there are no refunds. I bring you a wide range of tools & methods so we can find what works best for you to reduce stress, process old emotions, and not let old behaviors guide you. 

I specifically include the two trackers (internal & external) so we can see how your progress is throughout each week and alter as necessary based on your weekly tracking. 

You also have FULL access to Monday-Friday Text Messaging. You may text me if you had a hard day, a specific thought/behavior is getting to you, work was sh*t or anything in between.

I've had clients text me before dates, as they finish their grad school homework, after a hard conversation with a partner & more.

Also, the investment is purposely at a premium price to encourage you to show up for yourself and do this important work - similar to paying for a private trainer at a gym.  Stress is responsible for upwards of 97% of all diseases. You work on your nervous system & stress cues now - you could be saving tens of thousands in hospital bills down the road. Its a long term investment in you. 

Do you need any sort of experience before signing up for this 1:1 coaching? (good at meditation, etc)

Will the coaching sessions be prepped by you as the coach or do I come in with what I want to work on? 

Most definitely not! :) I just encourage you to look through my content: podcast, IG, youtube, free guides to see if you resonate with my style of sharing information. That is important for a good client - coach dynamic!

No hard feelings if you don't vibe with my style haha - plenty of amazing coaches.

This varies session to session. I have a process that I like to guide my clients through as it starts with the most foundational tools & works upwards from there. For example, getting in tune with your nervous system & knowing how your body reacts to stress is one of the first things we start with.


So, I will come in with topics / exercises we can do for the session but if something has been particularly on your mind a certain week, you're dealing with heavy emotions one day, etc - > We will tailor it to what you bring in. 


For most of my past clients this has been a very organic process.

Do I need certain religious/spiritual beliefs to fully align with the coaching?

No. The coaching is tailored to whatever your spiritual beliefs are.


I also work with clients on re-routing to more aligned spiritual beliefs if they desire.

I know some more traditional backgrounds instilled beliefs that caused more shame/guilt in women and clients desire help in processing & healing those.

What was your certification in? 

I trained with the Elementum Coaching Institute. (@elementumcoachinginsititute on IG for more infomration)

The list of disciplines  were: 

-Somatic (Body) Release Techniques

-Emotional Intelligence

-Parts Therapy & Techniques

-Neuroscience Based Modalities 

-Experiential Learning

-Psychology (Developmental, Positive, Intra-personal, Evolutionary, Cognitive)

-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques

-Neuro Linguistic Prograaming

-Conflict Management


-Sexual Embodiment

-Masculine/Feminine Energetics

Will the sessions be different each time or is there a typical routine? 

The sessions will almost always start with a centering technique to ground you into the session, release the day's stress & help regulate your nervous system. 

Typical Session Agenda: 

-Breathing sequence or gentle mind-body scan (we find what works best for you)

-2 word check-in with how you're doing 

-Get into "heart" of the session: working through a topic, doing a release technique,

asking questions to see where you are getting stuck

-Session Takeaways - I will ask you your main takeaways & create a sheet to send you after the session 

-Grounding Breath Sequence to end the session

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