Become Your Version Of "That Girl" 

You did the all the "right" things, but...

Having that job you were working toward isn’t as “iconic” & “glamorous” as you thought.


You know you’re fricken valuable & desire more than what your everyday is giving you.


You're sick of being run by the same set of doubts in your head & you’re reading to break free.


You’re done just watching the “that girl” routines and actually want to step into being the STAR of your life.

& I get it, babe.

School didn't teach us any of the IMPORTANT ish:

-How to be your best friend and clear mental doubts that always bug you

-How to live a life out of your fullest passion rather than a"typical mold" 

-How to release your worth from places outside of you so you can be the fullest, magnetic you

Why work your a** off just to question,

"hmm, is this it?"


Heck no, it's not babe. 

I took the leaps - -> enrolled in programs, started a brand, hired my own coaches & started clearing out the BS doubts holding me back. I have stepped into an empowering mindset, found my passion & even bought an iconic condo for myself! 

This is what I invite you into during our Session or Weekly Package.

You will become your version of "that girl". 

& who is "that girl?" 

That girl lives a life of passion & zest each day.

That girl doesn't settle for just any "job" or "career" - she follows her spark. 

That girl owns ALL of herself, her qualities & her worth.

That girl trusts her decisions & navigates her day w/ productivity & ease. 

That girl is brings her vision board to life.

1:1 Coaching Package

Client Love

3 Month Package

Investment: $2950

Includes - - >

- 1 HR Zoom Weekly Zoom Call

-Messaging Monday thru Friday 9amCST- 5pm CST

-Takeaways, Personalized Meditations/Tracks