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Inner Child Journal Prompts: Reclaim Your Younger Self

When it feels like you've "lost" your younger self...its really just an aspect within you that is craving more nourishment & healing. The zesty, fun inner child is still you.

Going through stages of growth can be expanding & exciting, but it can feel like a scary release or departure from a younger version of you.

Like going from high school, college to more,

that younger spark can feel left in those past cycles.

Yet, she's still here - she's you.

She's just expanded a bit,

perhaps a little wiser,

holding more opportunity,

and finally master some put together outfits...;)

It's a matter of bringing that "younger self" essence back NOW

unlocking her power, her spark, that is still you.

Some healing journal prompts:

A. What lit her up?

B. How am I making her proud now?

C. How would I describe the essence/energy she held & how can I BE that now?

Let's continue making her proud!

ooo- PS: if you're craving a beautiful, new journal - see our handmade vegan journals. :)

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